Mike Okri & DrBee

The Popular and legendary Mike Okri who dominated the airwaves in the music industry since the ’80s would be collaborating with Drbee Visuals International on some set of projects that will leave a legacy again.

Mike Okri was the crooner of the then trending music on his album with the lyrics “Time na money” (Concert Fever) released in 1988.

After been away for a while sequel to some specific spiritual reasons as he disclosed, he has decided to return back to Nigeria for a new music and movie project nationwide under his record label; Mike Okri Entertainment. Reports has it that, he has been working underground with some female singers to remake his three evergreen songs, “Omoge”, “Time Na Money” and ‘Rhumba Dance.

In an interview with the legend; Mike Okri, he revealed that he has worked with several artistes abroad and is set to make impacts as usual with his new verifiable projects. He also added that his home based entertainment industry will be launched in between the month of April and May, 2022 under the collaboration of Drbee Visuals International.

Dr. Bee is a renowned cinematographer trained in the US and he has worked with the likes of Alhaji Abass Obesere, Olamide; with the stage name Badoo and several others in the industry.

Dr. Bee Visuals International who has already been on the top charts of the international entertainments league, will set another record with positive energy as a new rhythm is about to hit the world.

Mike Okri made it known to 1steleven9jatv that he has a signed group artists already who are verified talents in the music industry whose group name is termed “TFO”, 1steleven9jatv was able to garner that the “TFO” group comprises of Mike Okri set of twins who has been during music right from childhood.

The world awaits the birth of the collaboration between the two great legends in the entertainment industry, as Mike Okri is set to reclaim his place in the music industry and also, to explore the business aspect of showbiz.

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