The Gubernatorial Candidate of Peoples’ Democratic Party, for the forthcoming Governorship Election in Ondo State, Agboola Ajayi has been alleged of illegally occupying a Building property which is the beneficial property by purchase, of Segzyadet Integrated Ltd


The property is 5-Bedroom Duplex with Boys’ Quarter situate at 14B Abimbola Okulaja close, Lekki Phase1, Lagos Nigeria.


Segzyadet Integrated Ltd claimed it has purchased the said property through public bidding/auction, in 2023 and since then the occupant of the property who is Alfred Agboola Ajayi has refused to vacate the property, thereby inhibiting the occupation of it by the new owner.


On Monday 6th of May when Newsmen were visited the premises to access the situation, it was discovered that the said occupant is still living therein. What is more, the staff of Segzyadet Integrated Ltd in the presence of Police Officers, were prevented from entering the Building premises.


It took the effort of someone who came over and intervened before Journalists gained access into the premises.


Speaking with Newsmen, Segzyadet Integrated Ltd CEO, Adetuwo Oluwasegun said the said Occupant of the building has refused to vacate the premises despite several notifications, in a manner that smacks of impunity.


Check the video:


He said the occupant is leveraging on his connections as a politician to frustrate the Company from having quiet possession and occupation of the property. He called on all relevant Authorities to rise up to the occasion and call Alfred Agboola Ajayi to order.


According to a reliable source, AGBOOLA AJAYI was said to have been using his father’s inlaw name as pseudo in most of his dealings including this particular property.


The police has gotten confessional statement from the father in-law who denied his involvement in all the deals traced to him including the affidavit he was alledged to have disposed to.

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