A renowned American based Music star, Stella Ebegbuna better known as D’lyte, has come out to shed more light on why many female Entertainers, especially in the music industry no longer care about men taking advantage of them sexually in order to attain fame.


In an exclusive interview with Gbolahan Adetayo on Monday night, the Afrobeat singer revealed this when she was asked about the many challenges facing women in the entertainment industry in this generation.


Personally, she said she do not believe in women trading their body for fame, but it is rather unfortunate that, this shameless and ungodly act has become norms in the industry.


According to her, “the Journey of an artiste is not an easy ride especially for the female acts in the entertainment industry. Over the years, female artistes have been underrated and seen as being laid back when it comes to music productions, releasing and promotion. At every music show, you hardly see names of female acts on the list of performers as much as that of the male acts and if you eventually see a female performing, it’s just probably one or two and mostly an artiste from a well-known record label.


“Lots of female acts are getting tired thereby kissing their career goodbye, sometimes because of lack of funds to produce and promote songs. It can be very frustrating and lead to taking advantage and exploiting them in the industry.


“Most times, female musicians with poor background are sexually harassed or being for granted by record label executives, producers, directors, promoters and even fellow male musicians. All these are not new though. Even popular musician, Lady Gaga once spoke out her mind about being raped by a male music producer when she was 19-year-old, starting up her career. Of cause, we all know about the story of Tiner Turner and also many more stories of how female acts are suffering and sometimes mentally abused by their husbands or family members. Because, sometimes they feel it’s a waste of time for female in the industry . Thank God for some other female acts who stood strong and still pursue their dreams respectfully. Yes, we still have decent female acts.


“The music industry becomes tougher for women as to even promote songs becomes harder and more expensive if you want to hit a wider range.


“Now, to meet up with your dreams, you have to work hard and be financially strong, or maybe a record label officially signed you or you’re probably from a wealthy home with the support of your rich husband/man to support you through the journey. The internet has also made it a little easy with different music platforms where you get paid for the release of your songs on the platforms but still, you have to promote the song which also cost you money.


“Nowadays, some female acts don’t care about sexual harassment as they are ready to give it to you just because of fame. Yes some are ready to trade s3x for fame, while others left the scene to start up a family because they could no longer cope with the whole craziness of the industry.


“I personally do not believe in trading s3x for fame, I haven’t done it and I will never do it. I pay for all my music productions, including my band. Everyone who have worked on my project can attest to that. I work so hard, I believe in my talent and I believe in God, I don’t know why anyone will think female acts don’t like to invest in their craft, no apology but not all female artistes. I created a platform for myself and for other acts to showcase their God’s given talents, not all artistes have the grace to create a platform to showcase their act .


“I started from Nigeria with my programme called “Hangout with D’Lyte”, which was a monthly gig, and “D’Lyte and the Stars”, an yearly concert designed as a platform to showcase up and coming stars and even already known stars. Now, to the glory of God Hangout with D’Lyte is growing strong in the United States of America.


“I am a lover and supporter of female acts and willing to support anyone that needs my help and services. It doesn’t matter how long it takes. Music has always been part of me, it’s fun for me and a win.


I am highly creative in Beauty, Fashion, Movie and Music or let me say Entertainerment at large. it baffles me why some men think all female artistes flirt or sleep with men in the industry for favour. Another one which I can’t imagine is their fear to marry a female singer thinking they are not faithful, that is nonsense.


Even Bible says the talent of a man shall makes a way for him, so why are men taking advantage of the women in the industry? Please, let us breathe, just be our strength, not all female entertainers flirt or trade their bodies for fame”, she said.

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