Nigerians have reacted to the decision of Senator Olamilekan Adeola of Lagos West to vie for the Ogun West senatorial seat in 2023.


Adeola, who claims to be an indigene of Yewa in Ogun State, was in Ilaro on Wednesday to declare for the Ogun West senatorial race under the platform of the All Progressives Congress (APC).

DAILY POST reports that by 2023, Adeola, who is in the Senate for a second term, would have completed 20 years as an elected lawmaker in Lagos State.

Senator Adeola, addressed as Yayi, spent eight years as a member of the Lagos State House of Assembly, representing Alimosho State Constituency 2, from 2003 to 2011.

From 2011 to 2015, he was a member of the House of Representatives, where he represented the Alimosho Federal Constituency and he has been in the Red Chamber since 2015.


According to him, he was heeding the clarion call of his people to return home and contest for the post.

He said he had transferred his voter’s card from Lagos to Ogun State, saying he is now a registered member of the Ogun APC.

But, Nigerians seem not pleased with Adeola’s decision to return to the Senate the third time after spending eight years representing Lagos West in the same Chamber.

To some, having his way in Ogun West would say a lot about the people of Yewa/Awori and their political ideology.

While some agreed that the Nigerian constitution does not stop anyone from contesting for political offices in different States, others opine that no single individual can claim two States at a time.

Across various social media platforms, they make known their views on the relocation of Adeola from Lagos West to Ogun West.


Here are some comments:

Sakiru Dolapo : “The guy is only greedy. I wish he doesn’t have his way in Ogun West. The electorates there should reject him and repel his “boys”. Although, he may have groomed boys within the constituency in question to do dirty job for him.”

Olayiwola Odubanjo : “Very greedy politician from the training school of the APC. That was how they did some years back fielding Senator Tokunboh Afikuyomi from central to Lagos West.”

Ayeni Mayowa Augustine : “Haba, our politicians are greedy in nature. Let another person go for the vacant seat, you still want to port to Ogun State as a Senator. That’s total greed.”

Oyekunle JesseOye : “People like him are the reason the Commonwealth of our nation is not circulating.”

Idowu Olasunkanmi : “Who did this to us from this side of the axis. Somebody should tell me, who are the people begging him to come and replicate what he did in Lagos in Ogun. Real indigenous Lagosians should wake up from their slumbers, this evil shouldn’t continue; reason we have not had real representation all this while. This is because a true and legitimate child will not watch his inheritance being toiled with like all these prodigals are doing.”


Oderinnde Olayinka : “If you have your way Sir, then I’ll say the real Yewa people will never taste anything good based on politics in life again. It’s not a curse. From Lagos to Ogun and also that you are not core Yewa person except by maternal grandmothership. You want to use your bread (Lagos money) scoop their soup? Yewa, Open Your Eyes Wide!”

Prince Leo Ozoma : “This is what you get when a society tolerates mumble jumble arrangements. He will get it because he has done necessary checks, negotiations, paid all the political tithes and has the required resources and connections. It is a sad narrative.”

Afam Ogbogu : “What I don’t understand is, is Ogun his State of birth or what, I know this man is a Lagos man and has been holding political offices in Lagos longer than I can remember, now he has crossed to Ogun State, are there no rules any more for eligibility?”


Akande Mathew Olusegun : “The greedy senator that covers my constituency yet no substantial project. Now he wants to take his incompetence to his state of origin. I hope they don’t do the mistake of voting for him.”

Joseph Igwe-Okomiso : “So some of these our politicians can’t do another job apart from politics, moving from party to party, state to state, senate to governor, reps to senate, among others.”

Oyegbola Olusegun : “How can you be citizen of 2 states. Pure selfishness. I guess they have penciled another person for Lagos.”

Remi Mowo : “This is reprehensible and unprincipled; betting on bags of monies taken from Lagos to have his way in Yewa? I hope the people will stop this nonsense.”

Raji Kazeem : “The small word we are looking for is, that is the way Tinubu works. Imagine. I will urge the Yewa people to fight him dirty and throw him out. The way we Kwarans do to Lai Muhammad when he wants to control power in Kwara APC.”


Oluwole Awonuga : “So there are no competent indigene of Ogun West that can contest for senatorial seat except somebody that just realised he is from Ogun West? People should resist all these money bags who believe because they have money, they can manipulate the citizens.”

Emmanuel Popoola : “The fear of Aregbesola is d beginning of wisdom. He knows he can’t stand the chance again for Lagos West as his boss Tinubu and Aregbe are not in good terms. The ALIMOSHO that he relies on still has the support of Aregbe. He wanna save himself the shame…”

Ojurongbe Oluwadare : “Must he come to Ogun again, after 30years in power? Our politicians are too greedy and selfish.”

Adeosun Benji : “Those who are against this are the real enemies of Ogun West, Our Senatorial district has been marginalized for long and there is no presence of development until the emergence of Prince Dapo Abiodun but the like mind in Ogun west think that’s not enough until we have a very high ranking Senator at the Red Chamber, who can lobby to bring fortunes, giant stride projects to our people; and the only person that has the political sagacity, who is intellectually savvy, is Yayi. He will surely deliver beyond people’s imagination. We have seen his antecedents in Lagos and we are very confident that he shall repeat the same here. It wouldn’t be business as usual.”


Babatunde Kolawole : “This guy is doing nothing in the senate, just a bench warmer and motions supporters; never making any move or making any development to the senatorial district or the community than looking for ways to be using people’s heads. Now he has finished Lagos and he wanted to shift to Ogun State. Are you the only one? Please try to be shameful for once and take the part of honor and relax yourself. Enough of all this nonsense and mediocrity ideas of useless diabolical politics. With all the money you have aquired, you can’t become God, please you are too greedy.”

Olusola Ojekunle : “Except those who lack the knowledge of politicians moving from one state to the other, this move of Senator Adeola is not new. To me I think it is a good move and a plus for the people of Ogun West. I wish him Best of Luck.”


Lateef Oseni : “Look at this greedy man, he has been serving Lagos State politically since 2003 (Lagos house assembly to Federal). The ball is in the court of people of Ogun west. What of the present Senator. With this development, the whole world would see how intelligent and gullible Ogun West people are.”

Riel Omo-Yalumo : “James Faleke was a Lagos Representative between 2011 and 2015 and he was made to deputize Audu in 2015 during Kogi State election and nobody questioned his switching since he is from Kogi West, so nothing is stopping Senator Solomon Olamilekan Adeola. Yayi to go back home and contest. Goodluck to a worthy son of Ogun West.”




Ibraheem Adegbokiki : “Welcome back home, Man of the people.”

Oyetola Olushola : “He is being planted by his Lagos god father to become Ogun Governor by 2027. 2023-2027 was for Senatorial strategy and learning rope. God no go shame us to dubious government. We sidoon dey look. Wetin this man achieve for Lagos West for over 12 years. Shameful!”


Mulero Ademola : “It is a complete aberation and an insult on the collective wisdom of Ogun westerner to have Senator who since 2014 claimed to be the son of the soil, but runs back to his other adopted home, Lagos west every time he misses the chance to infiltrate Ogun State. What stake should a member of Lagos APC have in Ogun state? How logical is it for a person who voted in Lagos to contest an election in Ogun State?”

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